Northeast Scranton Intermediate School

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Solana Franklin - April Focus Student of the Month

Solana Franklin, an 8th grader on the green team, is April’s Focus Student of the Month. She is a diligent student who strives to be successful in all facets of the classroom.  Not only does she transcend academic standards, but she is also active in the school’s yearbook club, advanced chorus and the NJHS. Furthermore, Solana is benevolent, creative, and ambitious. Solana’s favored subject in school is English because she enjoys writing. 
   Aside from being a devoted student, she was recently recognized for her community service by Mayor Courtright. During the Blizzard, she and her siblings assisted in shoveling sidewalks of abandoned houses in the city.  She also spent a week volunteering at the Soup Kitchen with her sister. During this time, she learned how grateful others can be. “I feel proud when I am helping others because I know that I’ve made their day a bit easier.”
   When asked who her biggest influence is, she responded, without indecision, “My mom. She pushes me to do better. She works hard to make sure we have everything we need.”
  Solana is known for her kindness and respect shown towards her teachers and peers. Moreover, she helps her siblings with homework. Her advice to her friends and other students is: “Try your best and do what you love!”
   In her free time, Solana revels in baking. She aspires to attend college and open up her own bakery. Her favorite sweets are cupcakes, cookies, and her specialty chocolate cake.
   Evidently, Solana Franklin is a superb model of what being a Panther is all about!
By Mercedes Phillips