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About Us

Welcome to Northeast Scranton Intermediate School (NSIS) who has served the community in its current existence since 2001. Our feeder school boundaries include students from Armstrong, Adams, Morris, Prescott and Bancroft Elementary Schools. There are presently 810 students enrolled in grades 6 through 8.

NSIS, in partnership with the entire community, enables all students to achieve their full potential. A safe and motivating environment fosters a standards-based curriculum promoting student-centered instruction to ensure equitable learning opportunities for all children. Diversity is recognized, encouraged and celebrated.

Middle school offers many exciting opportunities as well as challenges. Students attending NSIS are expected to attend school regularly, complete all assignments, and behave appropriately. NSIS fosters a well-rounded culture instituting character building and student-centered instructional strategies. Small learning communities (teams) are featured to promote an eclectic combination of pedagogy, passions and philosophies to encourage student involvement as well as an investment in their own learning. Student success results from individuals and group efforts to fulfill goals of high achievement for all. NSIS's unique structure allows students to gain an enriched middle school experience where they can explore their interests as well as gain a sound academic structure. We are committed to continuous improvement for ourselves and for our students.

The Northeast community works together with staff, parents and children to guide students through their middle school challenges.


As the population grew in Scranton, Scranton High School became so crowded that additional space became imperative. In order to accommodate the growing student body, the Technical High School was built in 1904 on the 700 block of Adams Avenue at the intersection with Gibson Street.
The strikingly beautiful building was constructed at a cost of $160,000, quite inexpensive considering the quality of building materials and its massive size. The school was designed to teach trades to students, as well as the academic courses offered by other high schools.
At the same time, Mrs. Abby R. Smith built a manual training school adjacent to the Technical High School in 1905. The William T. Smith Manual Training School was donated to the Scranton School District as a gift to the community in memory of Mrs. Smith's husband, a prominent mining company executive. The two-story school was used in conjunction with Scranton Technical High School.
Scranton Technical School c.1905
The building contained rooms for training of skills only and no traditional classrooms. Both buildings first opened for the 1905-1906 school year, offering business, industrial arts, homemaking, home economics and other courses. An addition to the Technical High School was built in 1932 at a cost of $960,000. At one time, the enrollment was so the large that the Administration building was used as an annex.
The school was used for years, but the advent of the Vocational-Technical Schools of Lackawanna County made the need for technical training in the city schools unnecessary. While the focus became more academic than technical in later years, the Technical name lasted until the end of the 1990-1991 school year, at the time of the closure of Scranton Central High School. The school became Scranton High School until 2001-2002 when the new high school was opened. At that time, the school became Northeast Scranton Intermediate School.