Northeast Scranton Intermediate School

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Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program team is a group of teachers and other professionals who administer a program designed to help students who are "at risk" for issues involving drugs and alcohol and/or mental health concerns.  It is a confidential, systematic process designed to intervene and refer students who are having problems.  Referred students and their parents are given access to appropriate community services in and out of school.  Teachers, parents, and students can refer anyone to SAP.  Students can even refer themselves.  Essentially, referrals are made when a person is concerned that a student may be "at risk" because of drug and alcohol, behavior or mental health issues which can become barriers to success.

The members of the Northeast Scranton Intermediate School Student Assistance Team (SAP) are:


    • Mrs. Coss (school counselor)
    • Mrs. Calvey (nurse)
    • Mrs.  Fox (teacher)
    • ​Mr. Hanni (Principal)
    • Mrs. Keating (Assistant Principal)
    • Mr. Kochis (teacher)
    • Mrs. McGarry (teacher)
    • Mrs. McGrail (school counselor)
    • Mrs. Shaffer (teacher)
    • Mrs. Stefani (teacher)
    • Mr. Tigue (teacher)
    • Ms. Cross (representative from Lackawanna County Drug and Alcohol)
    • Ms. Zukoski (representative from Scranton School Counseling) ​