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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about school counselors:


What do school counselors do?

School counselors work to assist in the person/social, academic and career development of students. By addressing these areas, we work to break down barriers which may impact their learning. We assist students at an individual level, in a group setting and via school-wide interventions. Would you like more information about middle school counselors? Check out the American School Counselor's "The Essential Role of the School Counselor"


Do school counselors make mental health diagnoses? 

School counselors do not make mental health diagnoses. School counselors work with students short-term. If students need additional services, the school counselor would make the appropriate referral or provide resources to the parent and/or guardian. For a list of counseling resources in the area please click on "Counseling Resources".


Am I in trouble if I go to the school counselor?

School counselors are your advocate! If you get called to the school counselor it does not mean you are in trouble. The school counselor works to gather information in order to come up with reasonable solutions to assist in making a problem better. Remember a school counselor is not a problem solver, but they provide a safe place that you can go to if you need to talk about problems taking place!